Soon it will be time to clean up frost damaged plants.  With the freezing temperatures we are experiencing this week, we will see a lot of frost damaged plants.  Frost damaged plants is the result from the liquid inside individual cells freezing and forming ice crystals.  The crystals then rupture the tough cell walls.  The fluid inside will not be contained when the cell walls open.  You will get the wilted look when the ice melts and the fluid runs out.

Frost damaged plants may appear to be undamaged, but the damage remains hidden until new spring growth.  Keeping this in mind, it is best to wait until the new growth starts in the spring to find the point along the branch where the damage progressed.  When there is new spring growth on the branch, this will mark exactly where the damage stopped.  The more severe the damage the longer it takes for the older buds to emerge, this is important to remember.  Undamaged and younger buds grow early.

Extra care and proper pruning is essential.  Pruning can be tough on the plants.  Pruning removes leaves that make energy for the plant.  The plant needs energy to heal the wound.  Be patient with your frost damaged plants.  Landtamers Landscaping’s maintenance crews are trained to detect and care for frost damage plants.