Artificial turf installation in Tucson is growing in size and popularity.  Like everything else there are pros and cons to artificial turf.  Landtamers Landscaping can help you decide what is the best choice for your landscaping needs.  Some pros of having artificial turf are lower maintenance cost.  No more having the lawn aerated, dethatched or over seeded, in order to keep your grass green year round.   Artificial turf will save you time and money.  There will be no more time spent mowing the lawn.  Artificial turf can save a homeowner up to 60% on their water bill over the year.  Long term water savings may out weigh the initial install costs.  The initial cost of artificial turf will most likely be more expensive by square foot than that of installing real grass.   Another con of artificial turf in Tucson is that it can get very hot in our summer heat.  Landtamers Landscaping specializes in both the installation and removal of real and artificial turf in Tucson.  We can help design a front or backyard to fit your needs.