We will usually see frost and freezing temperatures in Tucson from November through February.  We have a few tips to ensure you plants and landscaping make it through the Tucson winter.  First, most of our desert plants will require little to no watering.  To save money on your water bill during this time, you can reduce your watering schedule to a couple of days a week.  We have full time irrigation technicians who can help assist with setting your timer.   Second, it is highly recommended to cover plants in order to prevent frost damage.  Each morning when the sun rises, the plants can be uncovered.  We prefer to use cloth towels or blankets, you should avoid using plastic.  The best technique to cover your plants is all the way to the ground or base of the plants.  This will help protect your Tucson landscaping during the winter months.  Last, we don’t want to forget about your outdoor pipes, faucets and backflows.  Your backflow is at risk for freezing when the temperature goes below 32 degree.  The first way to protect you pipes, faucets and backflows is to cover them with a towel or blanket.  Your second option is to drain the water from the backflow.  For more information on protecting your winter Tucson landscaping, contact our office.  Landtamers Landscaping or email chris@landtamers.com